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Friday, August 8, 2008

We Just Report the News...

Pending Home Sales Up in June [Reuters]

Ouch! Fannie Mae Loses $2.3 Billion in Q2 [BBC]

Freddie (Mac) Loses Too with More Troubles Up Ahead [Wall Street Journal]

Fed Interest Rates Leave Unchanged at 2% [AP]

Economists Predict Mortgage Rates to Increase [New York Times]

Consumer Credit Raises $14.3 Billion in June [Bloomberg]

Dow Soars as Oil Prices Tumble [Wall Street Journal]

Ex-Countrywide CEO Under SEC Investigation [Los Angeles Times]

To buy, or not to buy (real estate), that is the Question: [Los Angeles Times]

New Housing Bill Gives Vacation Homeowners Tax Breaks [Los Angeles Times]

Warren Buffet's NOT Making as Much Money as He Used To (don't worry...he's still rich) [Reuters]

That's the news for this week. Have a great weekend!

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