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Thursday, July 3, 2008

PVSNews Update

Welcome back to the Playa Vista Sports Network.

Playa Vista will soon be the host of the new Los Angeles Clippers’ Training Center by late 2008. Perhaps you’ve already spotted a few Clipps here and there about town, living the PV 90094 lifestyle.

The brand new Clippers’ facility or ‘The Campus,’ on the east end of the Playa Vista community will house “two full basketball courts, with a 2,600 square-foot performance and strength training area with cardiovascular and weight training equipment. Fully-equipped locker rooms, a hydrotherapy area, a training room for players and coaches, and offices for the Clippers’ Basketball Operations Department will be included.”

The word on the street is that Golden State is currently wooing the 6 ‘8 Clippers forward Elton Brand with a $90 mil, five-year contract to don their Warriors jersey. Not too shabby. And the fight for Brand’s affections doesn’t end there. The Philadelphia 76ers are also looking to court the free-agent Brand. What it comes down to then is who will make an offer that Elton Brand can’t refuse.

Also adding to the Clippers’ soap opera story line is that Golden State’s offer was made after the Clippers' org were hoping to reach an agreement for a $70 mil, five-year deal, allowing them to operate under the salary cap and still sign free-agent Warriors' guard, Baron Davis. Clippers forward, Corey Maggette, also a free-agent is being actively pursued by the Celtics, Spurs, and the Cavs.

Salary caps, free-agents and contract negations, oh my.

We’ll all be on pins and needles until July 9, when the salary cap for 2009 is announced and the Veil of Silence regarding contract deals and free-agent status is lifted. Until then, I’m going to have a peptic ulcer.

Here’s my (totally biased) two-cents (and no, you don’t get any change back):
Mr. Brand, Mr. Maggette. Please stay. We need you.
I still believe… The Los Angeles Clippers, your 2009 NBA Champs!

For PVSNews, I’m Makena Riley, your canine correspondent.

And now, back to you, Bob.

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